What is Included in Church Insurance Policies?

Church insurance policies are much like traditional insurance policies with the exception of being geared more towards ministry. Insurance companies that cover churches understand a church’s needs may be different from more traditional companies and will write policies and have policy riders that are more focused towards churches and the work they do. Most church policies have the standard breakdowns of Property and Liability, Workmen’s Compensation, Accident Insurance, Mission Protection, and Commercial Automotive.

Since insurance needs are different for churches based on their ministry and size of congregation, it’s important to ensure the policy will fit the exact needs of the church and nothing more. Getting exact coverage for what’s needed will help to keep costs down while providing much needed protection.

Property and Liability

Property Insurance covers anything that is lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed. Less expensive items including songbooks to more expensive items like roofs, and everything in between, are all covered under property insurance.

Liability insurance covers church finances and the people in the ministry. Liability insurance can also be obtained to cover any legal action that can be taken against a church.

Workers’ Compensation

Many states require employers to carry workers’ compensation for their employees. Accidents can happen from simple mistakes to more substantial accidents. Workers’ compensation insurance helps to pay for medical benefits, disability benefits, rehabilitation needed, partial wages, etc. These benefits can also protect your church should you be sued by an employee for an accident that happened while on the job..

Accident Insurance

Accidents can happen anywhere, which is why accident insurance is important. It can cover anything that happens during services, school activities, and even camps. This insurance helps to pay for medical expenses that are a result of the accident. Policies can be written to cover church volunteers, children who are at camps or other operations, and kids participating in sports activities. There are also policies for students and student athletes if your church provides K-12 education. Camp counselors, volunteers, and participants can also be covered.

These accident insurance policies can cover everything from hospital bills and prescriptions to ambulance rides and surgeries.

Mission Protection

Many people feel the call from God to serve those in other areas and countries. In today’s world, Christian ministries face unique risks around the globe in an effort to promote Christianity and spread the word of God. Whether your mission takes you to flooded areas in the United States or to war torn countries, mission insurance can protect both the organization and the traveler. For the organization, protection includes medical, liability, and foreign property for the group. For the traveler, protection includes medical coverage, trip services, and travel insurance, should something happen and you’re unable to make the trip or need to get out quickly.

Commercial Automotive

Commercial automotive insurance for your church or ministry is one of the most important insurances you’ll need. Whether you have a youth group going to a Christian concert together or a pastor doing home based ministry, people traveling on the roads are susceptible to car accidents. When this happens, you’ll want your church to be protected from liability and vehicle related property loss. A good policy will cover vehicle liability, collision, uninsured and under insured motorists, related medical costs, personal injury, and vehicle damage. Comprehensive coverage will cover damage or replacement of your vehicle from falling trees, hail damage, and other natural acts.


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