Erie PA Church Insurance Agency

Beautiful Erie, PA is located in northwestern PA on the shores of Lake Erie. Churches and ministries located near Erie face several unique challenges when it comes to insurance. If you have ever been to Erie in the winter, you know that the snow can come down in buckets. Erie has even been named one of the snowiest cities in the US!

At Church Insurance Specialists, we understand the nuances that doing ministry work in northwestern PA offers. We will work alongside you to craft a policy that not only protects you from a massive snowstorm, but will keep all of your assets and property covered. We offer customizable and comprehensive insurance plans that include coverage for ministry vehicles, camps, schools, mission trips and more.

We’re located in nearby Punxsutawney, PA and have been working with churches in Erie for over 20 years. We specialize in church insurance and work with the best company in the business: Brotherhood Mutual.

Ministry focused team

We’re an insurance agency that works exclusively with ministries. Our core purpose is to help others further His kingdom and we aim to reflect this is through all aspects of our business. We’ve insured hundreds of ministries in Pennsylvania and Ohio and our experienced staff is unmatched.