Why You Need Specialized Insurance for Church Vehicles

Why You Need Specialized Insurance for Church Vehicles

One of the great things about church is that it brings together people from all walks of life. People can join together in the worship of God and learn and grow in their faith. They can join each other on mission trips or attend Christian conferences together. Joining with others in the walk of faith can be one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Christian.

When people come together at church they often look for ways of helping others. This can be through food banks, on mission trips, by ministry outreach, or a variety of other avenues. Often, events take place on the road or after traveling to other destinations. Due to the large numbers of people traveling, churches need to own larger vehicles like vans or busses in order to get everyone to where they’re going. While this is a practical solution, it does come with some complications.

Not Everyone is a Professional Driver

Driving to other locations means someone needs to be behind the wheel. Not everyone is a professional driver with experience driving larger vehicles so volunteers are often used to drive others to their destination. Volunteers are a necessary component to many churches and without their help many things wouldn’t get accomplished. The problem with volunteer drivers is that they often don’t have experience and aren’t equipped to handle how larger vehicles react. The larger and heavier a vehicle is the more time that’s required to stop. These vehicles can also be top heavy creating instability when driving. Add in some bad weather, lots of passengers and luggage it can be a recipe for disaster.

Other Options Just Aren’t Practical

One option to driving larger vehicles is having more people drive in their own cars. While this is an option it doesn’t allow for camaraderie during the drive. It’s also a waste of resources when you add in gas and wear and tear on cars. For longer trips, flights are an option but are much more costly. Hiring a professional driver is also an option, but comes at a cost that many churches aren’t able to fund.

The Internet Has a Wealth of Information

To help prevent any accidents, drivers should do a little research before getting behind the wheel. There are numerous articles online and videos on YouTube to help drivers who aren’t experienced with larger vehicles. These articles and videos offer suggestions and teach people why they need to drive a larger vehicle differently than they would their own car. There are many tips and tricks to being safe on the road and with a little insight and practice, most people can learn to drive a larger vehicle safely and effectively. Your current agent has training resources available. Reach out to them. They would be happy to assist.

The Importance of Specialized Insurance for Church Vehicles

People in every city and town can have accidents, it happens everyday. Even professional drivers have accidents. There’s a reason why insurance is required on cars and trucks: to protect everyone in case of an accident. But when you are insuring church vehicles you need to have specialized commercial automobile insurance. These types of insurance policies provide liability coverage, medical payments in case of injury, protection from uninsured and underinsured motorist, payments for physical damage to the van or bus. Some policies even come with roadside assistance for those trips that are far away from home.

No one intentionally gets into an accident, that’s why they are called accidents. But to lesson your church’s chance of having a vehicle in one, it’s important to train drivers how to operate larger vans and busses. Having volunteer drivers research how to drive these big vehicles will lesson the chances of an accident and help to keep your specialized insurance for vehicles premiums lower. The lower your insurance costs, the more you can put that money to good use. Contact your agent for resources for driver training.


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