How to Find the Best Mission Trip Insurance

You’ve felt the call from God, and you know the time has come. You’ve been dreaming of spreading God’s word and want to touch other people’s lives. Whether you’re going on your first mission trip or your tenth, one of the most important things you can do before leaving is find the best trip insurance for your mission.

Even though you may be excited at the prospect of traveling to do God’s work, you may have some reservations. This is natural as you might not know what to expect. One way to ease your worry is to know you’re covered should something happen to interrupt your trip.

Short Trip or Long Stays

When it comes to buying trip insurance for mission work, there are typically two types of plans. One is for short mission trips and the other is for longer, more time intensive trips.  Most short-term policies cover travel up to 180 days while the long-term policies cover timeframes longer than 180 days. Most policies are for out of the country travel.

What to Look For In Mission Trip Insurance

There are several policy coverages you will want to consider when choosing insurance for your mission trip, including: trip cancellation (due to illness or other unexpected events) or trip interruption benefits, evacuation benefits, and life insurance.

Trip Cancellation Benefits – Many parts of travel are refundable, but some aren’t, and the parts of travel that aren’t covered are what you need. While you may be more excited for your mission trip than you have been for anything else, the reality is that sometimes things happen. You may have a doctor recommend you not go due to health reasons, the U.S. State Department might change their warnings for a certain area you were planning on traveling to, there may be a natural disaster that happens to the area you were traveling to which makes travel there unsafe or outright impossible, or you might even get subpoenaed to testify in court. All of these things have happened and have prevented someone from fulfilling their wish of mission work. If you can’t go for some reason, the last thing you want is to be billed for the trip. It’s better to save that money and try again for another mission trip in the future.

Reimbursement for Lost Items – With thousands of flights daily, it’s not uncommon for an airline to misplace baggage or put it on the wrong flight once in a while. But when it happens to you, it can be frustrating and difficult to deal with. If you need things that were in your luggage but don’t know when you’ll be seeing those bags again, you can rest assured that reimbursement for lost items will happen quickly so you can get the things you need. This insurance also covers lost passports which can be difficult to replace.

Medical, Political, and Security Related Evacuations – The truth of the matter is that some of the most war torn, politically unstable places in the world are those who need Christian missionaries the most. But when disaster strikes, you need to be confident you can get out and get back to safety. When your host country can no longer protect you, it’s extremely important you can rely on your insurance to get you out or get you to safety. Other times you may need to leave quickly due to an unsuspected illness or injury.

Medical Insurance – If you’re considering a mission trip, you’re probably in good health. However, if something were to happen and you need medical attention, you’ll want a policy that covers accidents and illness. You’ll want a policy that offers coverage of expenses such as hospital stays, surgery, and even rehabilitation.


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