Team Members


Our Team Members

Ron Shirey:
As agency President and Sales Manager, Ron spends a lot of time on the road visiting customers. Ron is a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper and has a Doctoral Degree in Theology. He serves on the worship team and board of directors at his church.

Karen Shirey: As CFO and Inside Sales Manager, Karen serves several important roles within the agency. Karen is typically involved in the process of getting new policyholders acquainted with our insurance companies. Outside of work, Karen serves as the bookkeeper for her local church.

Tyler Brooks: Tyler brings experience in church ministry, outside sales, and business management. He enjoys talking to customers and helping them understand their insurance coverages. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical & Ministry Studies from Waynesburg University and is active in his local church. He also loves the outdoors and podcasting.

David Bramer: Dave is an agent focused on churches in the Southwest corner of Pennsylvania. He has a lifetime love for the church and finds it a blessing to serve churches with their insurance needs. Dave has an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and has worked in various aspects of the insurance business for over 40 years.

John Shirey:
John is the Vice President and Senior Accounts Manager for Church Insurance Specialists, Inc. He enjoys spending time out of the office and meeting with existing and prospective customers. He serves on the technical team and board of directors at his local church. John also is an avid motorcyclist.

Ashlyn Knox: As a customer service representative, Ashlyn delights in having the ability to assist new and current customers with any needs that may arise. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a focus in Christian Ministry from Liberty University. Outside of work, Ashlyn actively serves on the nursery and children’s ministry teams at her local church.

Justin Shirey:
Justin is an agent for Church Insurance Specialists, Inc. He has a passion for music and producing videos. He has traveled to over 20 countries and loves connecting with people. Justin also serves on the video team at his local church.

Abigail Shirey:
Abigail is a customer service representative and agent for Church Insurance Specialists., Inc. She enjoys problem solving and assisting customers on a daily basis. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from Point Park University.